Sarah Trelease has been teaching yoga classes, workshops, trainings and retreats since 1999.  From 2004 to 2010 she taught teacher trainings at OM yoga in New York City and around the United States and was the director of teacher training at OM during that time. Currently Sarah is the director of Sarah Trelease Yoga Teacher Training and holds trainings in Portland Oregon as well as around the United States.

Her teaching is informed by her quest for deep self-awareness, compassion, and clarity of intention. Drawing on her training and practice in Tibetan Buddhism as well as her studies with modern masters in anatomy and yoga, Sarah offers classes that balance breath, alignment, and flowing movement, developing strength as well as deep clear awareness of the body heart and mind.  Sarah holds yoga certifications from Om yoga in New York City, the Nosara Institute and Judith Hanson Lasater (Relax and Renew) as well as a certificate in Contemplative Care Foundations from the New York Zen Center for Contemplative Care in New York City.

She completed the advanced studies courses in anatomy with Leslie Kaminoff and Amy Matthews at The Breathing Project in New York City in 2010 and currently studies Body Mind Centering with Amy in Portland, and yoga asana with Todd Jackson at Portland Yoga Arts. Sarah holds a BA from Vassar College.  When she is not teaching or studying, Sarah lives, gardens and throws pots on the wheel in Portland with her husband Andrew and cats Mookie and Bob.


Sarah Trelease is a sensational teacher who will guide you on a deep and thorough journey of your body, mind and heart. Her teaching sparks curiosity, inquiry and joy. Also, Sarah is a deep practitioner with a warm, thoughtful and lovely demeanor. Consider yourself lucky if you have the privilege to study with Sarah!
— Margi Young
I can’t praise Sarah and Renee’s Teacher Training program enough. First of all let me say that everyone I’ve mentioned it to in the Portland yoga community has expressed admiration and respect for both Sarah and Renee’s teachings. My personal experience was once of transformation and deep connection. Our first night together I felt like I had come home. I walked out of the training with the tools to begin my journey as a teacher and I continue to see the seeds that I planted with Sarah and Renee pop through the soil of experience. The environment that Sarah and Renee fostered was one of bounteous humility, creativity, honesty, and skill. Sarah’s ever expansive warmness and depth of knowledge, and willingness to share unceasingly prompted me to open and provided me a steady arena to do so. Renee’s incredible intrinsic connection with the body in a setting of continued freshness and generosity exposed me to an anatomically brilliant world. I forever have a yoga community because of this experience and I forever hold this training in the blossoming of my very grateful heart.
— Oh Prema; yoga teacher, student, mother.
Rene and Sarah converge their approaches towards teaching to create a most unique and perfect instruction in yoga. Participating in this school was a full embodied experience, calling for the use of my vulnerable heart, what I now know as my respectable intellect, the weaving together of muscles and organs and bones, the imagination full and simple, and a commitment to not just community but deep and true self-study. It called for a ridding of the self, a reexamination of everything, a tender celebration of this life, as well as a rejection of all things known. This teaching has truly changed my life forever and impacts not just the way I stand, but the way I hold any human relationship henceforth. I am deeply grateful to Rene and Sarah for holding the space to give me life and for creating such a memorable experience that I will never forget not a one detail.
— Carrie Galpin
Sarah and Renee’s YTT program offered a fresh perspective of yoga to me. I came away from the training with a wider sense of what yoga is, and what yoga can be. Their individual and collective creativity, sense of humor, dedication to personal practice, and ability to hold space for their students is inspiring. Sarah and Renee use concise language, that encourages working from within the body; this allows an authentic experience of individual anatomy and process. As co- teachers, they consciously blend their knowledge and styles, to create a unique, comprehensive training program for anyone looking to deepen their practice.
— Jin Camou