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Yoga Sutra Study Group

The Yoga Sutra and the practice of self awareness and ethical engagement

The Yoga Sutra is considered a foundational text in the yogic tradition. Thought to be written in 400 CE and drawing heavily from Buddhist and yogic as well as other traditions, it is essentially a map of the way through the challenges and responsibilities of being a human being. How to lead a happy, helpful and fulfilling life.

The 196 aphorisms that make up the text contain teachings on how to work with pain, loss, dissatisfaction, alienation and clinging. What we all experience as human beings. The sutra describe how to cultivate a joyful and integrated life and our responsibility as members of a world community to engage in responsible, ethical behavior.

But old texts can be dense and confusing and too easily placed outside of our active practice.  In this eight-week study group we will consider and discuss the relevance of these teaching in our lives today.  Through reading, meditation and journaling we will contemplate our own relationships to our habitual behaviors and cultivate a living, wakeful practice of self awareness and ethical relationships with with world around us.

This class is offered by donation and we will meet via live streaming.

Limited to ten participants.